CMT Materials Case Studies

Thermoformed part

Productive Plastics Improves Quality with HYTAC FLXT

Productive Plastics (Mount Laurel, NJ) is a leader in heavy gauge thermoforming. The company serves a wide variety of end markets including medical, automotive, signage, agricultural and transportation.
clear plastic dome

Crown Plastics Replaces Aluminum Mold with HYTAC WFT

Crown Plastics is a leading supplier of plastic lighting enclosures. The company uses acrylic, polycarbonate and polyethylene to manufacture lighting components.
Cycle times

Heavy Gauge Former Reduces Cycle Times with HYTAC LPX

Heavy gauge thermoformer reduces cycle time with HYTAC LPX from CMT Materials. This case study explores the thinking behind the material change.
Cycle times

Custom Thermoformer Improves Cycle Times with HYTAC XTL

A leading North American thermoforming company recently made…
plug test

Trials Reveal Impact of Plug Design on Part Quality

It is one of our favorite thermoforming questions: "Which is…