HYVAC Vacuum Fixturing

Quick, economical vacuum fixtures for CNC trimming of formed parts.

HYVAC comes in a simple three-part kit consisting of resin, catalyst and fiber reinforced spheres. Simply combine the resin and catalyst, and add to the supplied mixing bag containing the spheres. Shake to mix thoroughly and pour the contents into a formed part. Anchor blocks which attach the cured fixture are pushed directly into the mixture. Sections that require large cutouts from interior portions of the part may be blocked off with a thin layer of urethane or other non-porous filler adhesive. Following a room temperature or oven cure, the HYVAC system provides a stiff and highly effective custom fixture that may be installed on an automated router table or manual cutting system. The system may be operated from a basic shop vacuum system or connected directly to a high volume vacuum line on automated trimming machines. (CMT recommends a minimum 2.0” diameter vacuum line with unrestricted flow for optimal performance.)

The material can also be used to create simple go/no-go test fixtures when checking formed parts for size/fit requirements.


pdf HYVAC Data Sheet (PDF)
pdf HYVAC Mixing Guide (PDF)

Benefits of HYVAC

  • Low cost
  • Light weight
  • Easily formed without machining
  • Fast turnaround for custom shaped fixturing

HYVAC is supplied in a 0.5 cubic foot kit (3.8 gallons), conveniently separated into two distinct 0.25 cubic foot mixtures.