2013 SPE Thermoforming Conference Preview

The 21st annual Thermoforming Conference in Atlanta is just around the corner. On Monday, September 9, CMT will participate in an exciting new workshop titled, “Mythcrushers: Separating Black Art from Science”.


Anyone who works in thermoforming will be familiar with the term “black art”. The “Mythcrushers” workshop is designed to examine thermoforming processes and, by the end of the session, allow the participants and attendees to decide whether thermoforming is a science or still a black art. CMT has long been involved in both academic and industry studies to apply rigorous testing to those elements of thermoforming where the plug assist is involved, but the nature of the process means that we are always looking at multiple variables.

There are many dynamics affecting the different types of materials used for plug assist.  During the workshop, CMT will discuss why it is important to understand the interplay of the plug material, plug geometry, tool design and sheet temperature, and not just to look at each element in isolation. While the choice of plug assist material directly impacts the plug life, machinability and ease of processing, it is also directly tied to material distribution, cycle time, start-up time and process cost.

We’ll be in booth #623 at the show. Stop by and say hello!