Thermoforming in 2015: A Year Full of Events

Those of us blessed enough to live in the Northeast or Midwest US are enjoying a wonderful blast of Arctic air, just to remind us that cozy fireplaces and holiday cheer are now a thing of the past… Out with 2014 and into 2015 we go.

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New HYTAC Thermoforming Case Studies

This week we have posted 2 new case studies to our website. If you haven’t already received copies from us, be sure to take a look and let us know what you think:

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Understanding the True Cause of Failure in Plugs

This week we received a package with a damaged plug and its mounting system. After reviewing the plug material and the failure modes, we suspect the cracking was due to a mismatch of thermal conductivity rates in a tightly confined area.   The plug design was efficient and neatly put together – at room temperature.   The chosen plug material, HYTAC-WF, is a thermoset epoxy-based material formulated for low thermal conductivity and minimal thermal expansion to provide consistent performance when contacting a heated sheet.  In this particular plug design, those same properties provide a challenge for the mounting system and result in significant stress on the most brittle element – the syntactic foam.


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