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CMT Europe Opens for Business

By Conor Carlin, International Sales Manager On August 1, CMT Europe officially opened for business! With a full inventory of HYTAC® plug-assist materials, cut-to-size services and 2 full time employees, the new operation opened the doors and began shipping orders immediately.  At the same time, I put several thousand kilometers on the (very small) car […]

2013 SPE Thermoforming Conference Preview

The 21st annual Thermoforming Conference in Atlanta is just around the corner. On Monday, September 9, CMT will participate in an exciting new workshop titled, “Mythcrushers: Separating Black Art from Science”. Anyone who works in thermoforming will be familiar with the term “black art”. The “Mythcrushers” workshop is designed to examine thermoforming processes and, by […]

CMT Europe B.V. Begins Shipping HYTAC®

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CMT Materials, Inc. Begins Shipping HYTAC® Materials from Dutch Facility September 3, 2013 – Attleboro, MA and Sprang-Capelle, The Netherlands CMT Europe BV, designated as a new facility for CMT Materials, Inc., is now open for business and fulfilling orders. The new facility provides customer service and technical support plus same-day shipping […]

Thermoforming Polypropylene: Syntactic Foam vs. Solid Polymer

We’ve had a lot of discussions over the years with plastics processors about thermoforming polypropylene (PP) cups. PP is susceptible to scratching, especially with deep draw parts such as drink cups. While syntactic foam has become the preferred plug assist material, the high glass content can cause issues with scratching. Therefore, solid engineered thermoplastics such […]

CMT Field Notes: 2013 SPE Thermoforming Conference – Part 1

The 2013 Thermoforming Conference has just ended in Atlanta, GA. While the final numbers are still being tallied, judging from the traffic at CMT’s booth, we would suggest that it was another successful event. In fact, we have so much good stuff to share that we’re going to split it into 2 separate blog posts. […]

CMT Field Notes: 2013 SPE Thermoforming Conference – Part 2

This is the second in our 2-part summary of the 2013 SPE Thermoforming Conference in Atlanta, GA. As we hinted at the end of our last post, CMT had many engaging conversations with heavy gauge thermoformers. The rapidly growing interest for syntactic foam plug assists in the heavy gauge world seems to stem from the […]

CMT Materials Gears Up for K 2013

In just two weeks, the tri-annual K Fair will kick off in Dusseldorf. The venerable global plastics trade show is now its 60th year and we’re sure that the halls of the massive Messe will be crammed full of international visitors. Beyond business meetings in the multi-level booths from polymer giants and plastics multinationals, attendees […]

Syntactic Foam and Package Design

It’s very easy to spot a thermoforming professional in the grocery store. The person craning their neck to look at the bottom of a package isn’t your average shopper. Most people don’t stop to admire the latest in packaging innovations, but they certainly shout from the rooftops when they can’t open a sealed clamshell. We […]

K 2013 Comes to a Close

After a solid 8 days at the Messe Dusseldorf, the CMT team is heading home. The K Fair is a truly global event and with stacks of business cards from thermoformers and toolmakers all over the world, the prospects for syntactic foam plug assists are looking bright. Many conversations began with, “What is the best […]