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Plug Material vs. Plug Geometry: A Thermofoming Test

It’s one of our favorite thermoforming questions: “Which is more important – the plug material or the plug geometry?” It’s really a trick question, though, because the answer is usually, “It depends!” So let’s take a look at a recent test we did with 2 types of HYTAC plug assist where multiple variables were involved.

CMT Field Notes: 2014 Hands-On Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Seminar

CMT participated in the 5th annual National Hands-On Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Workshop at Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn College) in Williamsport, PA.  As in previous years, CMT supported the workshop with presentations on syntactic foam plug assist materials and a product demo.    

A New Tool for Cut Sheet Thermoformers

Heavy gauge/cut sheet thermoformers from companies across the US recently came to learn processing techniques, scientific principles, new material offerings, and more at the Pennsylvania College of Technology Plastic Innovation and Resource Center (PIRC).  The program provides a 50/50 blend of classroom instruction with hands-on lab time in a lively 3-day setting.  Program and Technical […]