Celebrating the World (Thermoformed) Cup

We have distribution partners all over the world which complicates matters during the World Cup, at least in terms of who to support now that the US is out of the competition. Let’s take a look at where our partners are based and who is left in the World Cup:

– CMT Europe (Netherlands)

– Grupo Interconsult (Mexico & Colombia)

– EMATEC (Brazil)

– Plateq Engineering (S. Korea)

– Melchers (Taiwan)

– Illig Japan (Japan)

With Japan, Korea and Mexico already knocked out and joining the US in the departures lounge, we can look forward to a tasty quarter final between Brazil and Colombia, while the Dutch will certainly be favored against Costa Rica, the cinderella team of the tournament.

What does this mean for thermoforming?! Obviously, it matters which fans are drinking the most beer from thermoformed cups like this one. The more cups used, the more will have to be produced using the finest HYTAC syntactic foams. Of course, all those used cups should be recycled first since they will primarily be made from PET, PS or PP.


CMT Materials will be closed for the July 4 holiday but our partners around the world will still be open for business, as long as the next round of matches doesn’t interfere!

Enjoy the cup(s), everyone!