CMT Materials Exhibits HYTAC at ProPak Indonesia

The 2013 ProPak tradeshow will be in Jakarta, Indonesia this week. CMT will be there to showcase HYTAC syntactic foam plug assist materials, especially XTL, and to meet toolmakers and thermoformers from around the region. Southeast Asia is a fertile ground for thermoforming as evidenced by strong growth in packaging markets according to Euromonitor International. In fact, at the AMI Thin Wall Packaging Conference earlier this year, Euromonitor reported 6% CAGR in retail unit volume growth from 2007-2012. Asia, and Indonesia in particular, is clearly the fastest growing market for retail plastic packaging of which thermoformed cups and trays play a signifcant part.

So as we cross the international dateline sometime tomorrow, we’ll be arriving in an exciting and dynamic market of 240 million people. We’ll report back with field notes from the event next week.