CMT Materials, Inc. Announces Opening of CMT East Asia, Co.

January 5, 2018 – Attleboro, MA, USA and Shenzhen, China

CMT Materials, Inc. will open a new location in the city of Shenzhen, China in January of this year. The new facility will include a full inventory of HYTAC® plug assist materials, sales and customer service personnel, and cut-to-size services. “By setting up a physical presence that is centrally located in Asia, we will be able to serve our growing customer base in the region more effectively,” says Conor Carlin, Sales & Marketing Manager for CMT Materials, Inc. “We recognize that our customers need quick turnaround times for many new thermoforming projects. This new location will allow users to get our HYTAC products within 2-3 days.”

The new facility will provide same-day shipping to China, Taiwan, and several South East Asia countries including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, reducing lead times and shipping costs. The full range of HYTAC syntactic foam products will be available in all sizes of rods and sheets. The company expects to begin shipping orders directly from the new facility on January 15, 2018.