• Material for Thin Gauge Thermoforming:

    The HYTAC® line of plug assist materials is specifically designed for the thermoforming industry. These materials have been engineered to allow plastic processors to reduce their starting gauge, reduce cycle times, improve part clarity and improve material distribution.

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  • Material for Heavy Gauge Thermoforming:

    HYTAC® LPX and LPXT provide heavy gauge thermoformers with a proven solution that meets the demands of large plug requirements.

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  • Air Permeable Materials:

    METAPOR® material is air permeable over the entire surface due to its micro-porous structure, eliminating the need to design and manufacturing complex venting systems. These excellent properties are highly beneficial when working with thermoforming, vacuum clamping systems and air cushion systems.

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  • Material for Thermoforming Prototypes:

    CMT provides a complete line of tooling, styling and modeling boards for every design need.

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Innovative Tooling Materials for Thermoforming

October 5th, 2021

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Great Plugs = Great Parts

CMT Materials designs and develops innovative tooling materials for thermoforming. HYTAC® syntactic foam plug assists are used by leading toolmakers & thermoformers around the world.

Our product line includes syntactic foam which is available in a variety of sizes: rod, sheet, or block. We also offer custom-cast solutions for large plugs with complex geometries. We provide materials for prototyping and vacuum forming with a variety of tooling, styling and modeling boards. CMT is also the North American distributor for the METAPOR® line of porous aluminum materials.

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