CMT releases new product sizing chart

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog front these days, but rest assured we are hard at work on some new projects. In fact, we are just about to submit our presentation to the good people at AMI in advance of the Thin Wall Packaging Conference in Wheeling, IL (May 23-24). In short, we have developed new data sets illustrating the effect of plug material choice on overal material distribution. This isn’t entirely novel, but what we’ve done in this case is link the differences in average minimum thickness to part costs and overall job profitability. In essence, we answer the question, “How much is 0.001″ worth?” We’re looking forward to presenting the data and getting feedback from our industry peers.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing new versions of our popular technical data sheets. The new versions have been redesigned to be better aligned with our marketing strategy, including the use of the HYTAC logo. During this process, we are also re-releasing our Standard Sizing Chart which has been updated to reflect some new sizes. Customers can now get B1X and XTL in 2″ dia x 12″ L (51mm x 305) as well as epoxy- and co-polymer based boards (60″ / 1524mm L) in new thickness ranges (1.5″ / 38mm and 2.5″ x 64mm).

What are you working on? Get in touch and let us know of any new trials where HYTAC materials can give you a competitive edge.