What We Do

We design and manufacture syntactic foam materials for the thermoforming industry.

A group of engineers saw an opportunity to advance the thermoforming industry. And so they did.

In 1998, we were three materials research and development engineers with over 60 years of combined experience developing high-performance materials. We had studied the plastics processing industry and knew there was work to be done. We aimed to enhance the properties of syntactic foam for use as a plug material, and give users a new set of tools to improve their process. We spoke with everyone we could. Dove into the issues. Understood limitations. And discovered solutions.

Working with thermoformers, tooling shops and machine builders, we found many limitations in then-available plug assist materials. We focused on the interaction between the plug and polymer sheet and developed the highly cost-effective HYTAC® product line. Today we’re the world leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales of syntactic foam plug assists for the thermoforming industry.

Innovative Tooling Materials for Thermoforming — Our Only Job

Continuous improvement is a way of life at CMT. We listen carefully. We draw upon our extensive knowledge to provide the best solutions that meet customer requirements. Here’s how we do it:

  • Full inventory of HYTAC plug assist materials in standard rod, sheet and block formats
  • Wide range of METAPOR and RENSHAPE materials
  • Custom-cutting services to reduce scrap and save time for customers
  • Custom-casting services for large parts
  • Value-added services for engineering, product optimization, machining and polishing
  • Ancillary products including cutting tools, adhesives and inserts


Our facility incorporates all of the engineering, formulation, mixing, fabrication, machining, and testing equipment necessary for material development and production. In addition to carrying a full stock of standard product offerings, we have internal ability and capacity to offer custom casting and cutting, plus laboratory space to meet market needs far into the future.

Our Massachusetts location, midway between Boston and Providence, allows easy access, integration, and networking with the wide array of local universities and high-tech companies in the area. Products are stocked at CMT locations in Massachusetts, the Netherlands and Southeast Asia, in addition to our many distributor locations throughout the world.