Countdown to NPE 2015

NPE 2015 is almost here. Along with about 60,000 others, we will spend the week in Orlando among global plastics processors. We are in Booth 215 West so be sure to stop by during your tour of the show.

We will be highlighting a few new items at the event, including the results of our C1R trial results. We continue to see demands for increased quality and clarity in PP parts. Because PP has a narrow thermoforming window compared to PET or PS, it is critical that the interface between the heated sheet and the plug-assist material is well understood. Our data-driven report analyzes performance differential among solid polymers and HYTAC C1R.


For heavy-gauge thermoformers, we will be displaying our newest lightweight composite material called HYVAC LCM. In cooperation with Penn College, we have been developing some positive mold prototypes to test material distribution and aesthetic improvements to different types of plastics. The early results are promising.

We have created a short list of exhibitor booths where HYTAC plugs are being used or displayed.

Exhibitor Hall Stand
AMUT West 8371
Angle Tool Works West 4113
Bosch Sprang South 11115
CMT Materials West 215
Guangdong Designer Machinery South 25173
HongZu South 30034
Illig West 8052
Guven Teknik Machinery South 12041
Kiefel (Brueckner) West 4763
Marbach West 4289
Mould & Matic GmbH South 24138
OMG South 21055


See you in Orlando!