How to Machine Syntactic Foam: Module 3

We have just released the 3rd module in our learning series (click here to download). This module focuses exclusively on a topic that consistently generates questions for us: how to machine syntactic foam. We have blogged about machining before and published guidelines to help operators get started, but we recognize that there is a learning curve with syntactics. While skilled CNC operators are at a premium these days, those who work with HYTAC are not shy about telling us what works and what doesn’t in their shops.


Recent feedback from distributors and customers suggest that there are a few pervasive myths out there about HTYAC. Some of these relate to processing (turning, machining, polishing) and some relate to more basic things like the physical condition of the material. We see this often with B1X, where the material’s color will change slightly from light blue to faint yellow when exposed to UV light. This color change appears only on the surface of the material. It can be removed during processing and it has zero impact on the material’s important traits: low thermal conductivity, durability and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

We hope you enjoy this next installment of the series. Let us know what you think!