K 2013 Comes to a Close

After a solid 8 days at the Messe Dusseldorf, the CMT team is heading home. The K Fair is a truly global event and with stacks of business cards from thermoformers and toolmakers all over the world, the prospects for syntactic foam plug assists are looking bright.

Many conversations began with, “What is the best material for PET / PP?” With HYTAC plugs in almost every major thermoforming booth, users could see for themselves the benefits of different plug properties and geometries. Whether it was XTL in the Bosch-Sprang booth or B1X in the Illig booth, PET cups were cyrstal clear. GN and Kiefel ran with FLX and FLXT plugs for PP and PET cookie trays and drink cups.

What is also clear is that HYTAC translates quite easily into many languages! German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin… our booth was filled with international visitors, partners, distributors and thermoforming experts looking to learn more about XTL, the newest and toughest syntactic foam on the market.

K is a fantastic event, but after this trip, we’re glad it’s only once every 3 years. Tschuss!