New HYTAC Thermoforming Case Studies

This week we have posted 2 new case studies to our website. If you haven’t already received copies from us, be sure to take a look and let us know what you think:

Case study #1: HYTAC LP for a heavy-gauge thermoforming application

A major appliance company was challenged to improve margins by reducing rejects and material costs on a 17ft3 (0.48m3) freezer liner. CMT Materials was consulted to determine how HYTAC syntactic foam would assist these efforts.

Case study #2: Plug Design Influences Part Quality

It is one of our favorite thermoforming questions: “Which is more important – the plug material or the plug geometry?” It’s really a trick question, though, because the answer is usually, “It depends!” CMT Materials was recently approached by a customer with a stubborn plug mark on a cup. Together, we performed a test with 2 types of HYTAC® plug assist where multiple variables were involved.

Look for more data-driven case studies from us over the course of this year.