Syntactic Foam Plug Assist | Products

CMT Materials is the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of syntactic foam and other innovative tooling materials for the thermoforming industry.

HYTAC syntactic foam


There’s a HYTAC Plug Assist for every need. Even the one you haven’t thought of yet. Syntactic foam plug assist materials are designed and tested to ensure optimal performance

HYVAC vacuum fixturing


The HYVAC line of composite materials include 2-part systems for porous vacuum fixturing kits used to hold contoured parts in place during trimming operations.



METAPOR® is a composite material consisting of two major components. Different granules, such as aluminium or ceramic materials, and binders are currently used in thermoforming tools.

toolboard for thermoforming


CTB and REN Shape® tooling and modeling board. Vacuum formers and thermoformers use these products for prototype and low volume production molds