HYTAC Plug Assist Materials

There’s a HYTAC Plug Assist for every need. Even the one you haven’t thought of yet.

Syntactic foam plug assist materials are designed and tested to ensure optimal performance:

HYTAC XTL Next Generation Thermoplastic Syntactic
This mauve colored material was developed to improve our popular HYTAC B1X line by creating a thermoplastic that was both easy to machine and polish. HYTAC XTL also surpasses B1X in toughness while also offering the lowest thermal conductivity and lowest thermal expansion of any thermoplastic syntactic foam. Developed in 2012, it is quickly growing in popularity as the “do-it-all” syntactic foam. The easily polished surface is ideal for use with transparent plastics and easy sheet release while surviving the most demanding applications.

HYTAC B1X The Original Thermoplastic Syntactic
This light blue thermoplastic syntactic revolutionized the syntactic foam plug market. It machines without dust like a solid polymer, provides the heat transfer properties of a syntactic and allows for machining of fine detail. With more than 4x the flexural strength of standard thermoset syntactic foams, HYTAC B1X is durable in the most rugged thermoforming environments. Suitable for use with nearly all plastics, it is an excellent choice for optimized material distribution and long plug life. The thermoplastic binder system may be direct threaded for easy attachment to a plug base. Until the creation of HYTAC XTL, B1X was long considered by many to be the best syntactic foam available.

HYTAC FLX Tough, Flexible Copolymer Syntactic
This unique copolymer syntactic provides nearly 3x the toughness of standard thermoset syntactics, yet machines with no dust and is easily polished to a smooth surface. FLX is used for opaque PP where complex, demanding geometries and consistent material distribution are needed across the tool. FLX is highly recommended for use with clear PET and provides uniform distribution of material at lower processing temperatures.

HYTAC FLXT Ultra Smooth-Surface , PTFE Impregnated Copolymer Syntactic
Combines the toughness and easy machining/polishing of the standard FLX formulation with PTFE impregnation for a long lasting, easy release surface finish. This product has become the material of choice when forming PP, multi-layer films, barrier plastics and any other applications requiring high clarity and minimal scratching. HYTAC FLXT replaces PEI, PEEK and other smooth surface, more expensive solid polymers.

HYTAC C1R High Durability Coploymer Syntactic with Enhanced Friction
High performance copolymer syntactic foam optimized for high flexural toughness and material distribution properties. The result is a plug material that may be easily machined and polished (without dust!) for optimal performance in use. It is suitable for use with nearly all plastics.

HYTAC W 350°F Thermoset Syntactic
Entry level syntactic foam for non-critical, short run applications. Provides low thermal conductivity for quick start-up times and good material distribution with most plastics. Like all thermoset epoxy syntactics, this material tends to be brittle in use.

HYTAC WF High Strength, High Clarity, 450°F Epoxy Syntactic
Originally developed for smooth surface plugs, this material now is commonly used with large plugs in heavy gauge applications where plastic stays on the plug for longer periods of time. It is often used in custom casting applications at CMT for special plug designs and is very easy to polish to a smooth finish.

HYTAC WFT Thermoset Syntactic with PTFE for Improved Slip
This product incorporates PTFE directly into its syntactic structure to eliminate sticking and material build up on the plug surface. This light green material is a good choice for use with sticky materials and shorter run applications. (Due to higher toughness, easier machining and a smoother surface after polishing, HYTAC-FLXT is more commonly used for production volume applications).

HYTAC LPX “Large Plug” format for Heavy Gauge Forming
HYTAC-LPX is designed for custom-cast requirements where wood cannot provide the required quality and where heated aluminum is too expensive. It is available as a solid syntactic or as the outer layer of a two-part system consisting of a core of epoxy coated large, hollow composite spheres and an exterior of high-performance syntactic foam. LPX is a specialized formulation that enhances friction and reduces the risk of cracking in large geometries.

HYTAC LPXT “Large Plug” format for TPO and Capped Materials
HYTAC-LPXT is a PTFE-impregnated epoxy syntactic plug assist material aimed at providing heavy gauge thermoformers with a robust solution to challenges associated with large, complex part geometries. It has been designed to enhance the cosmetic appearance of formed parts made from TPO and other capped materials.