HYTAC C1R | syntactic foam

HYTAC-C1R is a toughened copolymer thermoset syntactic foam modified to provide high friction and the highest durability of any copolymer syntactic foam. Relatively new to the market (introduced in 2012) it has gained popularity for deep draw or zero draft application areas where high friction is needed. C1R was featured in the show daily at NPE 2015 after successful trials with Milliken Chemical and uVu Technologies demonstrated superior performance with transparent PP.

Excellent surface characteristics are obtained straight from machining and may be easily modified with sandpaper to carry more or less material into the mold as needed. It may be polished to a very smooth surface when necessary for working with transparent plastics.

HYTAC-C1R offers these outstanding attributes:

  • 3 – 4x the toughness of epoxy-based syntactic foam
  • Superb machinability
  • Superior edge definition
  • Very low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent material distribution

Typical Properties

ColorSlate Blue
Density52 lb/ft3 (817 kg/m3)
Thermal Conductivity0.07 BTU/hr-ft-°F (0.13 W/m°K)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion35 x 10-6 in/in/°F (63 x 10-6 m/m/°C)
Compressive Strength6,960 psi (48.0 MPa)
Service Temperature350°F (176°C)

HYTAC Relative Performance

Ease of Machining45223445
Elimination of Machining Dust35111335
Ease of Polishing44224552
Resistance to Abuse45122335
Fine Detail Durability45122335
Even Sheet Distribution55333545

1 = Lowest relative performance
5 = Best relative performance