HYTAC W | syntactic foam

Entry-level epoxy syntactic

HYTAC W was CMT’s first commercially-produced epoxy syntactic foam. With low thermal conductivity and CTLE associated with the syntactic structure, it proved to the thermoforming industry that felt-covered wood plugs could be resigned to the dustbin of history. While still used in low-volume or low-cost applications, W has been supplanted by other, superior levels of HYTAC materials.

Low thermal conductivity and specific heat
This translates to lower heat transfer reducing warm-up time and virtually eliminating material sticking to the plug.

Dimensionally stable
The low coefficient of thermal expansion means the plug maintains its shape over a wide temperature range.

Density (ρ)41-45 lb/ft3 [657 – 721 kg/m3]
Thermal Conductivity (k)0.065 BTU/hr-ft-°F [0.11 W/m°K]
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(CTE)22 x 10-6/in/in°F [39.6 x 10-6m/m/°C]
Compressive Strength 6,200psi [42.7 Mpa]
Service Temperature350°F [176 °C]
Flexural Toughness (ASTM D790)2.7psi [18.6 kPa]

Available in rod and sheet and sizes


HYTAC-W is often used for short run or price sensitive applications, providing cost-effective, low thermal conductivity plugs for quick start up times, better material distribution, improved surface appearance and longer life than basic alternatives.

Commonly used with PE, PS and PVC.


pdf HYTAC W Data Sheet (PDF)
pdf HYTAC Machining Guide (PDF)
pdf HYTAC Turning Guide (PDF)
pdf HYTAC Standard Size Chart (PDF)

HYTAC Relative Performance

Ease of Machining25234445
Elimination of Machining Dust15113335
Ease of Polishing24245542
Resistance to Abuse15223345
Fine Detail Durability15223345
Even Sheet Distribution35335455

1 = Lowest relative performance
5 = Best relative performance