HYTAC XTL | syntactic foam

HYTAC®-XTL was developed to offer an improved surface quality after machining when compared to our popular HYTAC-B1X. This is particularly important when working with sticky or transparent plastics due to the challenge of polishing any thermoplastic syntactic material.

Thermoplastic syntactic foams from CMT have become the world leading choice for plug assist due to their low thermal conductivity and ability to withstand chips and dings associated with any typical thermoforming process.

In addition to enhanced surface quality, HYTAC-XTL has these outstanding attributes:

  • The highest toughness ratings for any syntactic foam
  • Superb machinability with no dust
  • Excellent where edge definition and detail are required
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Excellent material distribution

Typical Properties

Density42 – 46 lb/ft3 [672 – 737 kg/m3]
Thermal Conductivity0.10 BTU/hr-ft-oF [0.17 W/moK]
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion32 x 10-6 in/in/oF [57.6 x 10-6 m/moC]
Compressive Strength10,215 psi [70.4 MPa]
Service Temperature350°F (176°C)
Flexural Toughness (ASTM D790)23 psi [158.5 kPa]

HYTAC Relative Performance

Ease of Machining52234445
Elimination of Machining Dust51113335
Ease of Polishing42245542
Resistance to Abuse51223345
Fine Detail Durability51223345
Even Sheet Distribution53335455

1 = Lowest relative performance
5 = Best relative performance