Tooling and Modeling Board

CMT provides a complete line of Huntsman RenShape® and CMT Toolboard tooling and modeling boards for every design need.

CTB 44 Composite Toolboard
Medium density, high performance, epoxy tooling board. Designed for temperature requirements up to 250 degrees F (121 degrees C) and long tool life applications. Made for the most demanding forming environment.

RenShape 450 Modeling Board
Medium density. Easy to hand carve or CNC machine resulting in good surfaces and well defined edges. Designed for modeling, mock-ups and short run production tools.

RenShape 460 Precision Modeling Board
Moderate density. Features low coefficient of thermal expansion for enhanced dimensional stability over a broad range of temperatures.

RenShape 5169 Foundry Pattern Board
Extremely tough abrasion-resistant board with excellent surface finish. Bright red in color. Extensively used in prototype molds for clear thin-gauge thermoplastic sheets where transparency is critical.

RenShape 5008 Vacuum Forming Tooling Board
A new tooling board design specifically for use in vacuum forming. Light blue product has high temperature stability and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

RenShape 472 Polyurethane-based Board
Designed for CNC machining of production grade checking and assembly fixtures.

RenShape Product Comparison Chart

ProductColorDensity (lbs/ft3)Hardness (Shore D)Tensile Strength (psi)Compressive Strength (psi)Compressive Modulus (ksi)Flexural Strength (psi)Flexural Modulus (ksi)Glass Trans. Temp (°F)Coefficient Thermal Expansion (in/in/°F)
CTB44Blue-Gray44808,010290647033422 x 10-6
RenShape 450Brown41652,3002,8001354,00014420536.0×10-6
RenShape 460Brown48641,8002,2001813,70018521929.9×10-6
RenShape 470Gray104904,7009,5008668,70098323222.7×10-6
RenShape 472Gray55817,00010,9004609,54041624825.8×10-6
RenShape 5169Red75859,0008,80036614,00038020640.8×10-6
RenShape 5008Blue42683,5008,3003504,60035028718.0×10-6
ASTM TestD-792D-2240D-638D-695D-695D-790D-790D-4065D-3386