CTB-44 Toolboard

High temperature, long life and easily machined for smooth surface finishes

CTB-44 is manufactured by CMT Materials for a wide variety of vacuum forming applications. It is suitable for use up to 250F (121C). CTB-44 utilizes a copolymer base material and smaller cell structure than most boards, providing improved mechanical properties and a smoother surface finish.

  • Excellent machinability
  • Superior edge definition
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Outstanding surface finish

Typical Properties

Density (ρ)44 lb/ft3 [704 kg/m3]
Hardness80 Shore D
Flexural Strength6470 psi [44.6 Mpa]
Flexural Modulus334,000 psi [2300 Mpa]
Compressive Strength8,010 psi [55.2 Mpa]
Compressive Modulus290,000 psi [2,000 Mpa]
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)22 x 10-6 in/in°F [40 x 10-6 m/m/°C]

Available Sizes

1.0” x 24 x 26 [25mmx610x660]1.0” x 24 x 60 [25mmx610x1524]
1.5” x 24 x 26 [38mmx610x660]2.0” x 24 x 60 [38mmx610x1524]
2.0” x 24 x 26 [51mmx610x660]3.0” x 24 x 60 [76mmx610x1524]
2.5” x 24 x 26 [64mmx610x660]4.0” x 24 x 60 [102mmx610x1524]
3.0” x 24 x 26 [76mmx610x660]
3.5” x 24 x 26 [89mmx610x660]
4.0” x 24 x 26 [102mmx610x660]
composite toolboard for thermoforming


CTB-44 is an excellent choice for constructing forming tools, master models, fixturing and other heat resistant applications. It may also be used for composite fabrication in pre-preg and autoclave cure, wet lay-up, vacuum infusion and other composite processes.