Foundry pattern board

REN Shape 5169 is an extremely tough, abrasion-resistant board for use in CNC-machining foundry patterns, core boxes and other tools. It can be milled with hardened-steel cutters. The material has found extensive use in the fabrication of prototype molds for clear, thin-gauge thermoplastic sheets. Resultant parts show excellent transparency results.

REN Shape 5169 features these unique qualities:

  • Excellent impact and wear resistance
  • Superior edge definition and dimensional stability
  • Polishable to a high luster
  • Good compressive and tensile strength

Typical Properties

Density (ρ)75 lb/ft3 [1201.3 kg/m3]
Hardness85 Shore D
Flexural Strength14,000 psi [96.5 Mpa]
Flexural Modulus380,000 psi [2620 Mpa]
Compressive Strength8,800 psi [60.6 Mpa]
Compressive Modulus366,000 psi [2523.4 Mpa]
Tensile Strength9,000 psi [62Mpa]
Notched Izod Impact0.90 ft-lb/in [0.48 J/cm]
Glass Transition Temp206°F [96.6°C]
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)40.8 x 10-6 in/in°F [73.4 x 10-6 m/m/°C]

Available Sizes

2” x 20” x 60” (51mm x 508mm x 1524mm)
3” x 20” x 60” (76.4mm x 508mm x 1524mm)
4” x 20” x 60” (101.6mm x 508mm x 1524mm)
6” x 23.8” x 30” (152.4mm x 606mm x 762mm)


Adhesive: Matched REN WELD 5169
Patch Paste: REN PATCH 5169 Repair paste


Cutters: Roughing – 1”(25.4mm) Hog Ball End Mill, 4-flute, HS Steel 8% Cobalt
Finishing – 5/8”(15.875mm) Ball End Mill, 2-flute carbide
Depth: Roughing – varied from ¼”(6.35mm) to 2.5”(63.5mm) with 40% stepover
Finishing: 1/8”(3.175mm) deep leaving 0.002” (0.05mm) scallop height
Blades: Use carbide offset-tooth blade for faster cutting and less binding

Roughing speed: 1600RPM ∙ Roughing Feed 70-140IPM
Finishing speed: 10,000RPM ∙ Finishing feed 100-200IPM


Do not use or handle this product until the MSDS has been read and understood.


REN 5169 applications may include prototype thermoforming molds, prototype and production foundry patterns, tooling aids and fixtures, and metal forming tools.