Trials & Tribulations

It’s been a while since we had anything of note to share on our blog, but as we said at the outset – our goal is to provide valuable and relevant information, not SEO content. 

Like many in the thermoforming industry, we continue to see steady growth in all regions where we operate. The increase in plastic packaging, though not without challenges, is contributing to both long lead times for machinery and tooling, as well as a cornucopia of new product introductions and packaging formats. Plastics continues to supplant heavier, traditional materials while thermoformed packages offers convenience, safety and shelf-life stability for a wide array of brand owners and converters.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working to establish two new collaborative trials with partners in the US and Europe. Details will be forthcoming, but we all know that these things take time to scope and to schedule with multiple stakeholders. The best projects are those that involve all parties early on in the design process to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes with verifiable data and sound conclusions. Because the plug assist is crucial to the integrity of the formed part, we are always striving to help customers understand the complexities of what happens at the plug-sheet interface. The results, when delivered, will serve as the basis for new industry whitepapers and potential exhibitions at major plastics tradeshows.

In the coming months, we will be participating in multiple industry events in the US, Asia and Europe:

Be sure to look us up if you’ll be at any of these events!