Value-Added Plug Assists for Thermoforming

Investopedia defines value-added as “the enhancement a company gives its product or service before offering the product to customers.” That sounds about right to us. In the thermoforming industry, value-added can take the form of painting, bonding, finishing or assembling. Over the years, CMT has been asked to come up with some interesting syntactic solutions, though we never really proposed them as value-added. We think it’s time to change that.

The heavy-gauge section of the industry is particularly well-suited for these types of projects. Many companies offer value-added services for customers in the automotive and aerospace markets, to name just two. With new formulations, promising new ideas coming out of R&D and a lean operation, we are gearing up for several large, customized plug solutions that will include elements of design, machining and polishing. 

We still get the occasional call from a customer who, for a variety of reasons, hasn’t ordered anything in a while. They are pleasantly surprised to learn that we offer custom-cut services, half-sheets of RenShape, custom-cast solutions, etc. Perhaps they just haven’t subscribed to our blog or followed us on social media (we tend to focus on the technical stuff, not so much the cat pictures).

Give us a call or get in touch if you think you might benefit from a more customized solution from CMT Materials. After all, innovation is our middle name!